“If the real change happens from deep inside 
the roots...FIXIGO goes deeper”


Company that has developed innovative technology, ie automated, wireless, mobile, and energy self-sustaining PLATFORM composed of hardware and software that has applications in many areas where monitoring and control are needed and solves problems on a global scale. The two main world phenomena of which there are the greatest human and material losses are famine and forest fires. We have developed a solution for smart agriculture, ie a system that performs Real-Time monitoring of the soil, performs analyzes, and gives appropriate recommendations and decisions to be the next activities. The solution for early detection of forest fires would lead to a reduction of material and natural losses. Areas, where this platform is used, are monitoring of skyscrapers, tunnels, bridges, water resources, biodiversity of water surfaces.

our story

2020 was an exceptional challenge for us and the world, the year that changed everything for many people. We had an idea, but we weren’t sure that it would be realized. The idea was to create something that will help the farmers to create more of their products with less water, fertilizers,. We thought that we can help them with technology, so then we created InnoPod. At first, we didn’t believe that our idea will be executed, but after some time we did it. Even though no one believed in us, our will and curiosity to do something good helped us to reach the end. Driven by the desire to create something new, we developed a platform of a universal character and discovered the potential that would have in agriculture.

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