The PLATFORM is composed of hardware and software that performs real-time monitoring of 9 soil parameters: Moisture, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Temperature, pH value, Electronic Conductivity, Salinity, and Total dissolved solids. Additionally, it measures 2 external climatic parameters, outdoor Temperature and Humidity. This platform is energy self-sustaining, ie it produces electricity through photovoltaic panels and reverses it in batteries for further use, in the period when there is no light. The software has been implemented that performs acquisition, analysis, and aggregation of data in a database (cloud). The data transfer from each node is completely encrypted, ie no one other than FIXIGO has access to the measured data.

By applying this system, the amount of water consumed is drastically reduced compared to the traditional way of irrigating agricultural areas. The second big problem is the weather, ie a large part of the agricultural areas are irrigated manually by the farmers themselves. Users of this system will have the opportunity to activate and adjust it depending on their needs, through any device. Modern agricultural business depends on the ability to manage resources, minimize costs and maximize contribution.

mobile application

Virtual Map for Nodes

Quickly Access Nodes

Notifications About Conditions

Important Soil Parameters

Real Time Measurement


Increase in productivity for up to 60%

Reduce in costs for up to 60%

Increase in the quality



Technical Support

FIXIGO is offering 24/7 technical support to clients

Encrypted data

Aggregated measured data is completely encrypted in a database on our cloud server

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